2024 Travel Tryout Schedule

Players should aim to attend both sessions for their designated birth year.


Monday 4/15 Tuesday 4/16 Wednesday 4/17 Thursday 4/18 Friday 4/19
Lum Lum Lum Lum Lum
3:45-5:15 2013 Girls-
Dave, Neil
2012 Boys-
Eddie, Neil
2014 Boys-
Donny, Josh, Neil
2015 Boys-
Olesh, Andrew, Neil
2010/2011 Boys-
Eddie, Donny, Neil
2010/2011 Girls-Lou, Steven 2015 Boys-
Olesh, Andrew, Tom
2010/2011 Boys-
Eddie, Lou
2012 Girls-
Alejandro, Andy
2010/2011 Girls-
Lou, Neil
Shunpike Esternay (moved) Shunpike Shunpike Shunpike
3:45-5:15 2015 Girls-
Andy, Jade
2012 Girls-
Lou, Alejandro
2014 Girls-
Ken, Alejandro, Steven
2013 Boys-
Donny, Lou
2014 Girls-
Ken, Alejandro, Lou
2014 Boys-
Donny, Josh, Tom
2013 Boys-
Donny, Bryan
2013 Girls-
Dave, Alejandro, Tom
2012 Boys-
Eddie, Bryan
2015 Girls-
Andy, Olesh
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Shepard Kollock Shepard Kollock Shepard Kollock Shepard Kollock Shepard Kollock
3:45-5:15pm 2016 Boys -
2016 Girls-
2016 Boys -
Tom, Maestro
2016 Girls-
Tom, Maestro

*Schedule and fields subject to change based on weather and/or school field needs

Shunpike - 651 Shunpike Rd, Chatham Township, NJ 07928 (behind playground)
Lum Turf  Field - 21 Lum Ave, Chatham, NJ 07928 (behind ECLC)
Shepard Kollock Recreational Area - Henderson Rd, Chatham Township, NJ 07928
Esternay Field - 815 Fairmount Ave, Chatham Township, NJ 07928
  • Players should arrive at least 15 mins early for check-in.
  • Players should not wear any CU clothing.
  • Required equipment – shin guards, cleats or turf shoes, water bottle. No jewelry and soft hair accessories only.
  • Parents staying onsite during the tryout should sit out of view of the tryout field.
  • Players are not permitted to use cellphones on the field or sidelines during their tryout session


More information on Team evaluations HERE


If you are unable to make it to a session, please email chathamunitedreg@gmail.com to schedule an ID session. You must still be registered for the Tryout.