Chatham United Soccer Club Board of Trustees & Club Volunteers

Jonathan Yee, President

Jennifer Dunn, Vice President

Nora Fedyna and Elizabeth Curtis, Treasurer

Jim DiGiulio, Legal/Secretary

Steve Bourke, Recreation

Sophia Li, Academy


Board Advisors

Jesse Tracey

Bob Palazzi


Operating Committees and Extended Volunteer Team

Chatham United Soccer is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on parent volunteers. Displayed below is our club's structure representing the division of responsibilities and volunteer roles. As new volunteer needs arise, we will post specific role definitions and job descriptions. We appreciate any and all interest in helping out, so if you have interest and/or a skillset to contribute, please do contact us at Teamwork makes the dream work!

For a list of contact points by committee, please visit ourĀ Contact Information page by clicking here.