Additional questions may be sent to chathamunitedreg@gmail.com but please only contact us after you have read the FAQ in full. Thank you.



For which age group should my child register?

Register your child based on their birth year.  All tryouts will be handled by birth year. For Fall 2024-Spring 2025 the following age groups apply:           

If the player was born  Age Group Eligibility   Game Size 

  January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016



  January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015



  January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014



  January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013



  January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012



  January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2011



  January 1, 2010 - December 31, 2010*



*Excluding 2024-25 high school students

**Birth years 2017 and later, please see The Academy Program here.


Can my child “play up” to the next higher age group?


Since “birth year registration” splits up players who are in the same grade, in very limited circumstances, Chatham United will allow players to play for the next higher age group. However, requests to “play up” will only be granted after tryouts and only if it is warranted based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the player’s skill level and the size of rosters at particular age groups.  The Club suggests that families think carefully before making such requests since a player that “plays up” will potentially be playing against children that are more than a year older. In general our recommendation is that most players should play for the age group listed in the table above (with the exception of players entering 8th grade who we discuss in detail below). Please note the club may entertain requests or even ask players to play up if it helps make equitable roster sizes across the two age groups.


If my child wants to “play up,” how should they register and try out?


All players must register based on their birth year and they will tryout with players in the same birth year. Requests to “play up” can be submitted for consideration at any time, but such decisions will not be made until team formation is announced.


Can a player entering 9th grade register?


No. The High School soccer program operates on a different schedule. We cannot accept registrations from rising 9th graders at this time.


If my child tries out for their regular age group, might they be asked to “play up” to the higher age group?


Other than for the oldest age groups, we hope to avoid this since for most players we believe it is better if they play with their regular age group.  However, due to the complications created by birth year registration, the club reserves the right to ask a player to play up even if they tried out for their regular age group.


My child has a late December birthday. Can they “play down” so as to be with most of the other players in their grade?


No.  New Jersey Youth Soccer strictly prohibits Travel players from playing down to a lower age group. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Can I watch the tryouts?

No. For the consideration of all the players attending the tryouts, all parents must remain away from the fields while the tryout sessions are being conducted.


Are walk-ins accepted at the day of the tryouts?



What should my child wear/bring to the tryout?

Cleats and shin guards are required.  Bring a water bottle.


What if I cannot make it to a Tryout session?

Players trying out are expected to make it to both tryout sessions. If you are unable to make it to a session, please email chathamunitedreg@gmail.com to schedule an ID session with the Director of Coaching. You must still be registered for the Tryout.


If a player is not placed on a team after tryouts, do we refund the registration fee?


Other than the tryout fee, a child that is not offered a position with Chatham United will not be required to pay the registration fee.




How big are the travel rosters for each age group?


We expect the 7v7 age groups (9U-10U) to have rosters of 12-14 players, the 9v9 age groups (11U-12U) to have rosters of 13-16 players, and the 11v11 age groups (13U-15U) to have rosters of 16-18 players.


How many teams do you expect to form for each age group/gender?


This depends on final registration numbers and on negotiations with the town (since we have to make sure there is enough field space for practices/games).  However, for 9U-12U we expect to form 3 teams per gender in each age group. For 13U-15U the roster sizes are larger and we typically form 1-2 teams per gender in each age group.


How are you going to form 15U teams since a smaller number of 8th graders are the birth year?


This is an issue that is faced by all clubs.  We may address it by forming teams with players from multiple birth years, based on the recommendations of the Director of Coaching.

When will we know what team my child is on?


Team announcements have been changed from prior years.  Following tryouts, likely in late April or early May, all children that attended tryouts will be informed if they made Chatham United Travel for the upcoming season.  Children that made Chatham United Travel will be asked to confirm their commitment to the upcoming season and complete registration.  Once all registrations are finalized, teams will be formed and announced, likely in early to mid June.


How are players placed on teams?


Chatham United’s professional coaching staff, led by the Director of Coaching, make all determinations regarding the skill level of players and compose the various teams at each age group. More information can be found HERE.




How much does the Travel program cost?


For the 2024-25 season, Chatham United has simplified its fee structure.

First, prior to tryouts, a child will be registered with Chatham United and pay a $40 tryout fee.

Second, if a child is informed that they have been given a position with Chatham United Travel for the upcoming season, they will accept their position by paying the Travel Program fee for the 2024/2025 season of $1290.


What does the Travel Program Fee cover?


The Travel Program Fee includes pre-season training week (the week before school starts); practices and games in the Fall; practices and games in the Spring; professional coaching fees; league registration fees; and referee fees for all games.


Can the Travel Program Fee be paid in installments?


It will be $1290 total. Invoiced on approximately 5/1/24. For those that want to break up payment, then 8/1/24 will be second invoice date via Teamsnap for second $645 payment (50/50 split). Please contact cutreasurer07928@gmail.com for more information.


Are there additional costs to play for Chatham United?


Yes.  Children will be required to purchase mandatory uniforms every other year.  Also, registration fees do not include optional programs, such as additional clinics and training sessions or winter training sessions.


What about tournaments?


The Club endeavors to have every Chatham United team play in at least two tournaments during the Fall Season.  Chatham United cannot guarantee that all tournament fees will be covered by the registration fee, but in prior years the Club was able to cover certain tournament costs for teams.


Do Travel Program fees have to be paid on TeamSnap?


Yes. In order to streamline the operations of our volunteer program, Chatham United has invested in TeamSnap for all registration functions.  Chatham United does not accept cash, credit cards, checks or other forms of direct payment for registration fees.


Why does TeamSnap charge fees?


Chatham United has no control over the processing fees charged by TeamSnap.  However, we are working to limit the processing fees through direct discussions with TeamSnap.


Why are you able to charge less than outside clubs?


Playing for an in-town non-profit club is cheaper than playing for an outside club for the following reasons.

  •       We have no need to generate a profit.
  •       Club and team organization is carried out by many volunteers who collectively donate 1000's of hours to the club. At for-profit clubs much of the organization is carried out by paid staff.
  •       We can use the many fields in Chatham for a nominal fee per player.

Please note that the price differential does not reflect a difference in training.  We hire professional trainers with the same licenses as the outside clubs.


What is the registration refund policy?

The tryout fee is non-refundable, unless Chatham United is informed, in writing, 7 days prior to the tryout date that a child is choosing not to attend tryouts.


Registration fees will be invoiced once a child is informed they have received a spot on a Chatham United travel team and they accept.  Payment of the registration fee or qualification for a payment plan (if offered by Chatham United) shall be completed no later than 15 days of receipt of notice that a child has received a spot on a Chatham United travel team.  Please note that the Registration Fee must be paid prior to team formation being announced.


Registration fees will be fully refunded in very limited circumstances:

(1)       Documented medical reasons, approved by the Chatham United Board; or

(2)       Relocation of a child’s residence out of Chatham prior to the start of the Fall Season, upon receipt of appropriate documentation and approval by the Chatham United Board.


Except for a medical reason, as set forth above, fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, in any portion, for any reason, once Fall season commences, which is by the first practice or first pre-season training day, whichever is sooner (usually held in the final week of August or the week preceding Labor Day).


Refunds will not be considered as a result of team placement of your child or changes in trainers/training organizations.




Refund requests may be sent to  chathamunitedreg@gmail.com  We would like to stress that the refund deadlines are for player-initiated withdrawal from the program. Any player that tries out, but is not placed on a team will not be responsible for a travel registration fee.





How are practices organized?


Every team is assigned a professional coach, who is supervised by the Director of Coaching.  The Director of Coaching provides a comprehensive, season long training program, tailored for every age group that is followed by coaches.


How are coaches hired?


The Director of Coaching hires Chatham United coaches, and continuously evaluates their performance.  Currently, Chatham United coaches come from various acclaimed private clubs, including PDA.


What are the expectations and commitment required of a Chatham United player?


During the Fall and Spring seasons, teams will have two practices during the week after school, and play approximately 8-10 league games on weekends (one or two a weekend). In addition, teams may play in one or two weekend long tournaments in the Fall.

Chatham United is committed to player and team development. In order for each child to realize his/her full potential as a player and member of a team, commitment is required from both players and parents.

Player development and improved team play cannot occur if players and parents are not committed to participate in the activities of the team. If players miss practices, then team concepts cannot be reviewed and practiced to the benefit of the team.


What position will my child play?


At the younger ages, children should play some reasonable mix of offensive and defensive positions. In order for players to develop, CU does not want players below the 12U level constantly playing the same position. For the older age groups some players may start to find their best position and spend the majority of their playing time there.

Is it possible for my child to focus on goalkeeping?

For the 9U and 10U age groups CU believes that every player should spend some time in goal.  For older ages, players should voice an interest with coaches so an evaluation can be made.  Chatham United also offers goalkeeper clinics for players to develop outside of normal practice times.


When are the games/tournaments/practices?

Depending upon which league your team plays in, games are generally held on Saturdays or Sundays for ten weeks in the fall and ten weeks in the spring. In the fall, teams will typically practice twice each week; in the spring, practices once or twice a week depending on team preference.

Each team is expected to participate in at least two tournaments in the Fall season, including a Labor Day or tune-up tournament.  Labor Day or tune-up tournaments are the primary game experience used to get each team ready for Fall league play.  Teams may play in additional tournaments and state cup competitions to be agreed upon in the parent team meetings.


How many minutes will my child play in a game?


Players at the 10U level and below should have roughly equal playing time in games. Players at the 11U through 15U level have the reasonable expectation to play at least 33% of each game. Playing time at the 11U level and above will also be determined by participation in practices, player attitude and commitment.

What is your policy regarding "secondary carding" into Chatham United from another club?


When a player is placed on a youth soccer team, a card is created identifying that player as a member of the team.  “Secondary carding from outside the club” would occur if a player has a primary card for a team outside Chatham United but also has a secondary card that allows them to play games with a Chatham United team when there is no conflict with their primary team. Chatham United believes that it is inappropriate in general for a “secondary carding” player to take a roster spot away from a player that wishes to play for Chatham United only.  The club has therefore adopted the following policy regarding secondary carding:

  •       In line with NJYS regulations, secondary carding is not allowed at 9U and below.
  •       At the 10U-15U age levels, secondary carding from outside the club will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances and with prior approval of the Chatham United Board. In general this will only be allowed if an additional player is required to fill out the roster of a team (and hence no other Chatham United player is being displaced).  We anticipate that this will only happen in rare circumstances.

Please note that the above policy does not affect secondary carding within Chatham United (i.e. between two CU teams).  We shall continue to do that at 10U and above as one way to address turnout issues caused by multi-sport conflicts in the Spring.




What responsibilities do parents have?


Generally, parents MUST ensure their children arrive at practice and games on time (at least 30 minutes early for games), communication absences or tardiness to coaches and/or parent managers, and ensure children have appropriate uniforms and equipment on for each practice and game.

Parents MUST routinely check and respond to practice and game availability on TeamSnap. TeamSnap is the primary means of communications for all Chatham United teams. Regular and timely responses regarding availability for practice and games on TeamSnap is absolutely required to ensure games and practices can be held and run smoothly.  Failure to timely mark availability on TeamSnap for games can lead to forfeits, which negatively impacts the entire team and the standing of Chatham United in certain leagues.


Are there any open volunteer positions available in Chatham United?

Each team is required to have a parent manager and a parent administrator that will support the coach in scheduling games, communicating with parents, and providing on-field assistance, if needed.

Chatham United is always looking for Club volunteers. For a list of volunteer positions go here.