Team Treasurer

Team Treasurers

Each 11U-15U team should have it's own Team Treasurer. The Team Treasurer should not be the Parent Manager so as to have segregation of duties. Each 11U-15U team should complete the Treasurer Information Form [Link to be updated 2023] to provide us with their Team Treasurer. 9U & 10U fees are collected centrally by the Club and we pay the 9U & 10U training fees centrally. 9U & 10U teams do not need a Team Treasurer. 9U & 10U teams may incur additional fees for trainer gifts, team parties or additional tournaments beyond those provided as part of our 7v7 Experience. In these cases the 9U & 10U teams may need a parent to help collect and distribute these monies.

Tax reporting

CU will issue 1099 forms for all trainers paid directly by the Club or by Club teams, and for non-volunteer Board members. In addition, the Club will issue 1099’s to all training organizations hired by the Club and all CU teams, but not directly to the trainers hired through these organizations.

If individual trainers are used, the nature of the relationship should be structured as an "independent contractor" rather than an "employee".

At the end of each season, the Parent Manager or Treasurer of each team must provide the Club Treasurer with:

  • All contact information for their team’s trainer, name, address, phone & Tax ID.
  • Whether the trainer has been hired through a professional soccer company or as an independent contractor
  • If an independent contractor, the individual’s social security number
  • The total amount of training fees paid to their trainer or training organization.

Parent Managers or Team Treasurers should complete the Trainer Tax Reporting Form [Link to be updated 2023] .

Training Reimbursements

The Club will reimburse the team with $800.00 for the Fall season for 11U-15U teams.  There is no form to complete to obtain this reimbursement. 9U & 10U team fees are collected centrally by the Club therefore there is no need for a trainer reimbursement as we pay the 9U & 10U trainer fees directly. There are no trainer reimbursements in the Spring season.

Tournament Reimbursements

The Club will reimburse each 11U-15U team for the cost of outside tournaments of up to $600 per year. Parent Managers or Team Treasurers should complete the Reimbursement Request form for reimbursement after the tournament is completed. 9U & 10U teams are reimbursed for the cost of one full tournament and the Mt. Olive Halloween Tournament.

Referee Fees

The Club will provide each team with a check to cover referee fees at the end of each season. Parent Managers or Team Treasurers should keep track of their referee expenses during the season and then complete the Reimbursement Request form for reimbursement.

Team Bank Accounts

Team treasurers may wish to set up a bank account in the name of the team. Please note that team accounts may not use the Chatham United’s tax ID as this complicates IRS reporting.  Most team treasurers set up an account using their own social security number;  we suggest you open a non-interest bearing checking account in order to simplify your own tax reporting.


Sample Budget for Team 

Each season you should work out a budget for the team and collect money from the families. We recommend using Venmo (or Zelle) to collect fees from you parents. Collect fees in advance because it is difficult to get money out of people every time the team incurs costs. A sample budget for the season is shown below.

Please note that the below budget is an example only. Trainer hourly rate and hours charged for games may vary by trainer/trainng organization. Please check with your trainer/trainng organization to understand the actual costs. Number and hours for practices, tournament fees and number of players will also vary.

Trainer Hourly Rate $110
Number Hours Cost
Fall Practice Expenses 20 1.5 $3,300
Fall Game Day Coaching Expenses 10 1.5 $1,650
Tournament Coaching Expenses 6 1.5 $990
Tournament Entry Fees $1,200
Trainer Gift $250
Team Party $350
Halloween Tournament Costumes $300
Goalie Jersey $45
Goalie Gloves $25
Game Balls $50
Other ?
Total Cost $7,235
Trainer Reimbursement -$800
Tournament Reimbursement -$600
Cost After Club Reimbursements $5,835
Cost Per Player (14 Players) $417