Parent Meeting Agenda

Sample Agenda for Parent Meeting for new 9U Team

This may be tailored for older teams also.



  • Uniforms will be picked up in August by team and I will let you know when to pick them up
  • Two jerseys (1 blue/1 white), shorts, socks
  • CU merchandise – should be some additional spirit wear opportunities in the fall besides the Adidas bag/jacket
  • Goalie jerseys/gloves provided by club/team


  • US Soccer Connect registration
  • Passport photo image and birth certificate (or passport)
  • Club will send instructions on how to register


  • TBD
  • Trainer runs the game when there, otherwise PM/APM runs game
  • Mid-fall player assessment by trainers (solely for parent)


  • 2x/week – dates and time TBD, usually either 3:30-5 or 5-6:30 Mon-Fri
  • Starts early Sep and runs until mid-late Nov
  • Spring is 4/1-6/20 also with games on Sundays
  • Club goalie training
  • Possibly other club/team training sessions or free play (shooting clinics, etc)

Pre-season camp

  • Usually last week of August for a couple hours each day


  • Play in Morris County Youth Soccer Association (MCYSA) League (flight TBD, idea is to be flighted so we have a .500 record)
  • 10 game season (5 home/5 away) with Sunday games (early Sep and runs until mid-late Nov with no league game on Columbus Day weekend)
  • Play 7v7, no heading, no punting, build-out lines
  • Allowed 2 Pre-season Conflict Notices (PCNs) where we can move a game no questions asked
  • Arrive 30 minutes before each game
  • Bring both uniform jerseys, water, ball
  • Specific rules on cancellations/makeups (e.g., if home game and our fields are closed due to weather but away field is open we need to then go to away field)
  • Approximately equal playing time, player rotation
  • Rotate goalies
  • Snack schedule?

Fall Tournaments

  • 9U teams do a pre-season tournament (West Orange Essex Fall Tune Up the first weekend of Sep
  • Mount Olive Halloween Tournament (Saturday in October - only a one day tournament)
  • Columbus Day Tournament?


  • How many are outside the Chatham public school system?
  • What other sports do you expect your child to play (fall, winter, spring)?
  • Want to proactively manage conflicts so everyone can play other sports


  • Optional
  • Possibly a Futsal league in Chatham gyms
  • Friday night league in West Orange Armory
  • Training once per week?


  • Spring conflicts - generally conflicts are pretty easy to manage at 9U/10U however they seem to be increasing the last couple years


  • Once our team is created and we are on the CU website everything runs through the website and SI Play app
  • Please RSVP using the website
  • I will change practices or games etc. and am really going to try not to follow up with emails unless there is additional info.


  • PM/APM – State Certificate (formerly called F License), background check, concussion certificate, SafeSport Training certificate
  • Treasurer
    • Fees are collected centrally by CU so need for a team treasurer like other CU teams
    • This would be for anything the team does outside of the normal CU offerings (additional tournaments, gift for trainer, parties, etc)
  • Event Planners
    • Coordinate end of fall and spring season team party
    • Other events – Red Bulls games, etc.
    • Halloween costumes for Mt. Olive Halloween tournament

Stay Parent

  • One parent must stay at each practice all season long (take kids to bathroom if needed, sickness, injury, thunder, etc.)
  • Will be added to SI Play app
  • If conflict please see if someone else can cover for that day (don’t need to involve me)

Roster Size

  • Roster size may be larger (depends on team)
  • Teams with larger rosters may want to consider more tournaments and bring fewer players to each game. Something to discuss as a team


  • No coaching from the sidelines – positive cheering, the children don’t hear most of what you say anyway and it is distracting to them or often contradictory from what the trainers are telling them
  • Some trainers game coach with limited or no in-game guidance to the players (this is the best practice in youth soccer training)
  • Want to limit the notion of A, B, C, teams – try to use the names of the teams (“Bulldogs, Bruins, or Buffaloes” rather than “the A team”