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Incident Form

Chatham Recreation requires, if an incident occurs, a report to be filed within 24 hours.

The incident could include: An injury, accident, issue with a parent/child/coach/spectator, etc. Documentation is critical.  Please help us help you.

Once you complete this form a copy of it will be emailed to you.  You must forward this to chathamrecreation@chathamrecreation.org no later than the following day of the noted incident. 


This form is for PM's and APM's to provide feedback to the Club regarding the team's trainer and overall team experience.

Please use this form to submit information on your team's payments to its Training Organization (or Trainer if independent) for the Fall 2018 season.  It is critical we obtain this information as soon as possible for tax reporting and filing purposes.  The Club Treasurer will send a reminder and link to this form to complete.  

Please submit this form as soon as possible once you have final numbers for your entire season.

9U Teams do not need to submit this form nor do teams with a central contract (Phoenix, Colonials, Thorns, Wildcats, Terrapins, Wolverines, Spartans, Revolution).

Fall/spring referee reimbursements will not be sent by the Club Treasurer until this form is complete. 

Please use this form to provide your Pre-season Conflict Notification requests to the CU Game Scheduler.  You are submitting dates for which you would like to cancel the regularly scheduled League game.  You will later work with your opponent to reschedule once the season begins.  PLEASE NOTE THAT RESCHEDULING GAMES IS A DIFFICULT PROCESS.  PLEASE ONLY USE PCN's FOR LEGITIMATE CONFLICTS AND NOT FOR CONVENIENCE. 

You are allowed up to two PCN's per season.  You should consider using these for school vacations or dates you would like to enter a tournament.  You may choose not to submit any PCN's (in this case you should not complete this form at all) or to submit one or both. 

Please complete this form by Friday February 8, 2019 for the Spring 2019 season.

Please use this form to request reimbursements from the Club Treasurer for items such as Tournament Fees, Referee Fees, State Certificate Fees (formerly called F License), etc.  Please note that Name, Address and Telephone Number are required in order to setup an online payment in the banking system to reimburse you.

For 10U-15U, tournament fees are limited to $600 per team per year.  

For 9U, tournament fees are reimbursed for the total cost of the Essex Fall Tune-Up Tournament and the Mount Olive Halloween Tournament. Please also email proof of payment to the Club Treasurer (czukowskycu@gmail.com). Please submit for reimbursement after the tournament has been played.

Referee Fees are reimbursed by the Treasurer at the end of the fall and spring season. We will ask you to complete this form for reimbursement. The amount often differs depending on the number of referees at each game. For 9U and 10U teams this will generally be the referee fee of $25 times 10 league games or $250. For 11U and above the number of referees at each game may vary and therefore please submit the actual amount incurred (this is on the honor system).

State Certificate Fees (formerly called F License) will be reimbursed by the Club.  Please also email proof of payment to the Club Treasurer (czukowskycu@gmail.com).

Please use this form to request official CU patches for tournaments where you must hand patches out to the opposing teams.  

Patches are a significant expense for the Club so please only request patches that will actually be used.  Please return any unused patches to the Tournament Patch Coordinator.

7v7 teams (9U & 10U) should assume 13 patches per game (52 for 4 game tournament). 9v9 teams (11U & 12U) should assume 15 patches per game (60 for 4 game tournament). 11v11 teams (13U-15U) should assume 18 patches per game (72 for 4 game tournament).

Note: Essex Fall Tune-up is a 3-4 game tournament (assume 4) and Mt. Olive Halloween Tournament is a 2 game tournament.

Please use this form to provide information to the Club Treasurer about your Team Treasurer.  You should complete this form at the beginning of the fall season and any time you make a change to your Team Treasurer.  

Please use this form to provide a game change request to the CU Game Scheduler. Please note that game changes must be at least 8 days prior to the game per MCYSA rules. Game changes less than 8 days prior to the game may not be honored by MCYSA.