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Registration for the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 8U TDP season will run from January 17 to June 15 2018.  We do have room for 8U Girls. Please email if interested.

All girls and boys born between January 1 2011 - December 31 2011 are welcome to register.  There are no tryouts for the 8U Technical Development Program. The Fall season will run Sep-Nov 2018 and the Spring season will run April-June 2019. 

Questions may be directed to 

Online Registration: 

  1. On the Home Page click on the "Register Online" or "Register Now" buttons. 
  2. Click on the "Begin Registration" button underneath "2018/2019 8U TDP [Girls/Boys]".
  3. If you are new to Chatham United and do not already have an account on the website, you will be asked to create an account and enter parent information. If you already have an account you will be asked to log in. 
  4. Fill in the details for the participating player. In particular, please check that the player record contains an email address. Although the system links parent records with player records, it is helpful for the club if every player record has a contact email address. 
  5. Answer the registration questions and acknowledge the waivers. 
  6. Pay the registration fee. The full cost of the program is $575 of which a first payment of $340 is due at registration.  A second payment of $235 will be due by August 31, 2018.  

We are using paypal to collect the registration fees.  Please note that if paypal recognizes your email or credit card number as being linked to a paypal account then (depending on your paypal account security settings) you might be asked to login to paypal to complete the payment.


Refund Policy

1. No refunds will be issued for the initial portion of fees ($340) after June 15, 2018 (other than in the case of medical reason or relocation prior to the start of the fall season, as documented in writing to the Membership Committee). 

2. Fees are non-refundable in any portion, once the fall season commences, as defined by the first practice (usually held in the first week of September).

Refund requests prior to June 15 may be sent to